Takostu is a supporting character in Season 3 of Mirumo De Pon!

Description Edit

A super high-performance intelligent robot equipped with state-of-the-art electronic brains that came from "Crystal Land" which is not a human world, nor a fairy world.     The official name is "Tintarolin Chincharolin Corocoro Coloppa Kurukuruupa Sutekete Toton Copy 864." An old-fashioned robot that doesn't even have repair parts as mentioned in the first episode of Season 3. He can pull out various tools from his mouth. He also can say inappropriate things when things go wrong. He came to collect the crystal to fulfill the wish which had been scattered in the human world by the command from ministers. He met the Mirumo and Kaide by chance, found the possibility of the fairy and the human girl, and asked the maple to look for crystal. However, it is called tako, which is Japanese for octopus, and it sudden to a brutal character when it is heard, "tako" and it begins to rampage.     The violent Buri is feared, "it is more frightening than a violent woman (Yasuzumi)" to the Walmo Gang. He is now the king of Crystal Land.