Muglox Fairy




Rirumu (リルム)


Mirmo's fiancee

Hobbies and Interests:

Mirmo, cream puffs and once more, MIRMO

A pretty female Muglox (with a height of 9.5 cm) who is Setsu's partner. She loves Mirmo and wants to marry him, much to his disappointment. She is Mirumo's fiancée, and tries to get along with Mirmo on dates. At times, she may look very cute and innocent, but she can actually be quite aggressive. Rima is not exactly the champion when it comes to magic and household chores, and she even makes magical situations worse if she "helps." She cooks food for Mirmo, but instead of Mirmo eating it, he keeps avoiding her because of the food's appearance and taste (they all look weird and inedible). She uses a tamborine as her magic tool. Her favorite dessert is Cream Puffs.(First appearance: episode 1)


Rima is a green haired Muglox fairy she wears a pink hat and clothes.


She may look innocent, but she can be aggresive at times. She is not the fairy who is an "expert" in magic but tries hard to do it right. She also tries to cook for Mirmo but he does not even eat it because it looks inedible


Dylan Yuki

Dylan found Rima in his cocoa mug. (Though he did'nt want to) he poured milk to find the fairy Rima! Rima is currently helping him fulfill his dreams


Rima is in love with Mirmo even if Mirmo hates her.

  • Muglox fairy dance
  • MIRMO!!!

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