Ikastu is a minor character that appeared on Season 3 on Mirumo De Pon!

Description Edit

A robot that came from the same world as Takostu.

The official name is "Einaina Sonesone, Carbonara, Pescatore, Holohology 291." It is newer than Takostu and the performance of the electronic brain is a zillion times better.   

Unlike Takostu, various tools can be put out from things like his pink head hat instead of the mouth. There is narcissist's mind in womanizing, and it repeats the Nampa without indiscriminately to the girl. Hated to say sarcastic against Takostu. He does not choose the means for the purpose, but it is not a cruel thing, and it is time to cooperate by being touched by the action of the maple.   It is called "squid" by Mirumo. After Takostu became king, He was disgusted but worked as a minister. At the end of Season 3, he congratulates Queen Marine and King Faure, who became love with Lady Squirrel and The Rabbit Squad.