Dylan Yuki


Voiced By
Yukitoshi Tokumoto (Japanese), Samuel Vincent (English)
Age (at first appearance)
結木摂 Yūki Setsu
First Appearance
Episode 1 (anime) Chapter 1 (Manga)

A smart and quiet bookworm (and an honor student), on whom Katie and Azumi have crushes and is Rima's partner. Although he is silent, cool, calm and reading most of the time, he's willing to help his friends, even if it embarrasses him. It is a bit mysterious who he liked first, Katie or Azumi, since he went out with Katie in the first season of the anime. He is also afraid to eat green peppers. In the near end of season four, when Haruka Moroshita, his childhood friend proposes her strong love for him, he begins to gradually get close to her. When Haruka makes her decision to set Dylan free because she knew that Katie is the one he really loves, she tells Dylan that he should do something or else he will lose the person he wants. After his small argument with Rima, he went home and he looks like his thinking of something very deep. He then decided to call Katie and told her to meet him at the park and asks her if she can bring a watch. At the park he tells Katie about how he feels and finally confesses to her. Gladly, Katie, of course, accepts his proposal. He also always reads small and tiny books (although he read a normal-sized book in episode 90). (First appearance: episode 1)

  • Dylan is shocked to see Rima
  • Chibi Katie and Dylan
  • dylan

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